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Subject:moved ...
Time:04:06 pm
to my home page. wordpress really jams. I set up my website, from zero to done in 20 minutes.

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Subject:ahhhhhh ....
Time:04:40 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
I must say ... what a change. It's two months later, what a change two months can make! Wow.

What's new:

- New state. eff CA, even tho NV is turning into CA. They just passed a no smoking in restaurants law! Wtf - stay out of my business. I guess I don't run a restaurant.
- New BIKE. Wow 1450 miles since the beginning of the year. Fun times.
- New laptop. Got a Mac. Finally bit the bullet. This thing is great. I can't use anything else at this point. It's only been two weeks. The "I'm a Mac and a I'm a PC" commercials are so true. They almost aren't funny they are so true. :)

That's about all that's new. Howdy y'all.
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Subject:yes, the state of CA does it again!!!!
Time:11:24 pm
Current Mood:stressedstressed
So ever tried to dissolve a LLC in CA? Neither have I. But dig in most states it's just a courtesy form, "hey by the way, we're done here." Not in CA. You file the form and you have to wait for the CA FTB (Franchise Tax Board) to confirm you can close your company. Er uhm, what if they say NO!??! I'm no longer going to be in CA. They don't really have that option. What a bunch of clowns. My advice: never do business in CA. What a nightmare.
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Subject:more things that make you go wtf o...
Time:05:52 pm
So picture this ....

i'm sitting at home one night minding my own business and a friend sends me an sms:

friend: What are you up to?
me: drinking wine
her: need some intervention?
me: no, bar is fully stocked, why?
her: lol

Now clearly there is a problem here. Another one of those "he has to be taller than me," but it just applies to everyone, not just chicas.

Why is it that if you drink at home that's a "PROBLEM" but it's *MORE ACCEPTABLE* to drive somewhere and have a drink and obviously DRIVE home!!!! Are people insane????

Maybe it's because most people have a filter, and filter their comments, lives publicly / privately, etc. :) But I have no such filter. If I think you're a jackass, you'll know it. If I do something in my life you ask about, you'll get no such filtered responses. no question, no doubt, no "maybe he thinks..." horseSHIT. Direct statements. I am a dude. We do direct statements / actions.
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Subject:consumption / sales tax forget income tax
Time:07:43 pm
So think about this .. we pay 52% in federal income taxes. That's a lot. So let's talk about a consumption tax. No income tax, no property tax. You get your entire check and you get an extra consumption / sales tax.

If we look at GDP per capita 2005 was $42,079. To get the current amount taxes colleted you'll need to generate $2.2trillion you will need a 16% tax. So let's assume some inefficiency and take it up to 20%. It's still much better than what we have now.

So I suggest, as many do, we tax any purchase. Homes, cars, tvs, excluding food. Pay as you go. Simplification of the tax code of course is of course a plus.
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Subject:taxes ...
Time:02:26 am
okay this is jacked .. I started doing the computations on taxes ...

33% federal with holding
16% social security
03% medicare
52% total FEDERAL

10% CA raping

62% total with CA and FEDS! Plus property tax PLUS vehicle tax.

Yes this is a slight over simplification... but STILL...

So I think the only logical choice is to find a state without state tax.

Things about NV corporations:
- most anonymous company ownership of any state
- no state income tax
- no reciprocal agreement with the IRS
- a non US resident can own a NV corporation

NV Things:
- they don't jack with my BIKE emissions
- I can own an AR or three
- smog tests on cars are concerned about pollution not modifications
- GAS isn't this PISS WATER 90.5 octane that CA calls 91, it's 93 octane.
- Yes it's fairly hot for 3 months
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Subject:more sissy california guys
Time:12:26 am
So I was thinking about shit, cuz that's what I do, I sit around and think shit up, and I have people backin' them up just thinkin' shit up. (if you don't watch movies you will have no idea what I'm talking about .... )

Any hooters, I was thinking, .... my bud M is female and rides. And she has female friends that ride, like 3 or 4, ballpark. So then I'm thinking, how many guys do I even *know* that ride.... uhm ... 1.... uhm ... 1 .... uhm ... 1..... ONE! WTF o! So conclusion is, I have girly mostly guy friends! What the hell, I gotta leave this place. CA attracts / creates / fosters girly guys. Which is a huge problem on multiple levels. One: no dudes to get beer with. Two: chicks start to expect sissy guys. That which I am not. Makes dating even more difficult for a trolly guy like me.
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Subject:california yet again keeps screwing people
Time:03:49 pm
Current Mood:frustratedfrustrated
How much is enough? At what point does personal freedom restriction stop?

So lately I got my motorcycle permit so I started researching bikes. I found out that even BIKES have california emissions! How DUMB is that? Bikes barely put out emissions at all! How can they possibly be subjected to that kind of restriction! How much is enough? When will CA stop restricting personal freedoms? Never, moving out of state is required. I mean doesn't EVERYONE have a lawnmower! And if there are that many lawnmowers doesn't it make MORE SENSE to put emissions on lawnmowers? :) Yes it sounds dumb, but jesus that's what we're talking about here! And while I'm on a rant why does my Z put out half emissions than an SUV. EVEN if I modified the Z, which our friends at carb don't let us do, it would still put out just barely over what it puts out now. But modification is illegal, yet an SUV is allowed to pollute LEGALLY! And I have to get carb emissions on a bike. How many bikes are there? Does this really have an impact on the smog? Lawnmowers must pollute more. I can see it now:

MAN 1: What are you doing this weekend?

MAN 2: Bringing my lawnmower in for it's smog test. The wife wanted to go away for the weekend (translation, he thinks he'll get laid) but I can't I gotta get the lawnmower smogged.

So then you'll have to register your lawnmower.

And of course don't get me started on the gun laws and personal protection laws. Those are insane and the subject of another posting.
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Subject:what really sucks about getting old...
Time:10:49 am
Current Mood:cheerfulmore jaded
is when you update your digtial scale and every day when you get on that thing you can't forget that you're 33, and now you're 34.

What is kinda cool is when I filled out my weight at the dmv, I weigh less now. They had 180, but I'm actualyl down to 172. I put 175 just ot be safe. compared with the minimum density of 194, 172 is better than it's been in years.
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Subject:bike license progress...
Time:07:09 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
passed my permit test. *phew*. I only missed one question on each test. I had to take the full motorcycle written and the half car written. $26 later, all set.

signed up for rider's course. 10/18/06.

bike options: beater, then real bike. Or real bike first. mmmmmmmmmmm decisions......
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